Budget home decoration: Making use of unused dining leaf

We got our new dining table delivered the other day. Yay! The table is counter height with an extendable leaf making it more versatile if we want to add more room for added guests. Since I like it short and sweet, I asked the delivery guys to put the leave the leaf aside and that we’ll add it as and when necessary…

Coming Soon...

Dining table assembled :without the leaf

Coming Soon..

Dining table leaf - alternate creative usage!

To avoid warping, it’s recommended that the leaf should be stored flat, not standing up ….and this is how I used it creatively: covered it up with a Runner and a few decorative pieces!
Cost of this display decoration for me was zero. If you don’t have a runner at home try looking at Dollar General. I bought mine from there for four bucks only!! Yes, we all love bargains 🙂

Think creative and happy decorating! 🙂

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