Two Hours that changed America: Paying tribute to 9/11 victims..

On Sunday, September 11 2011: We mark 10th Anniversary of one of the deadliest attacks in the history of United States.

As we look back a decade, a lot of things around us have changed however when we think of 9/11.. it seems it just happened yesterday….

World Trade Center was a complex of seven buildings featuring landmark twin towers in Manhattan, New York City – one of the tallest buildings in the world, collapsed within two hours and today; it is called the “ground zero”.As we were watching a report on the Fox News channel last night and listening to what some of the survivors had to say….we were heartbroken! once again!

The attacks…

The twin towers and the thousands who were there…are no more! Though the site is gradually starting to rebuilt….faith and hopes of people who lost their loved ones are still raw and time didn’t necessarily heal their wounds. They wanted the rescue of their loved ones. That didn’t happen. And then they wanted the remains..that didn’t happen either! It’s the day that changed America forever. My heart and prayers goes out to the families of innocent people who lost their lives…

Ground zero site...

When I think of these attacks..I find it hard to believe as to why/how would these attackers convince someone to an extent that they’ll become suicide bombers!? Yes, It’s sad though of the hijackers actually wrote a letter to his girl friend saying…I am  here to complete a mission and when you’ll know about’ll be proud of me!?

A lot of questions still remain unanswered..Some facts will never come to surface. Please go to  if you want to learn more about these  facts.

On the 10th Anniversary of September 11, 2001, let us remember that the most meaningful way to honor those who died is to continue to fight against terrorism . This is the time when countries like India, USA should unite for a common cause.

This is a time to remember those lost as a result of the attacks…We’ll be observing a moment of silence on Sep 11 to pay tribute to the victims.

May God Bless America and the rest of the world!

Please join me in sharing your feelings/experiences in the section below…


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